DONYAYE-RING is a supplier of piston rings for gasoline and diesel engines. We supply an extensive range of piston rings for passenger car, truck, bus, tractor, forklift, motorcycle, generator and various industrial engine applications. Besides supplying piston rings for combustion engines, we also supply piston rings for many other industrial applications. Piston rings packs made by CTI, GOETZE, PERFECT CIRCLE, HASTINGS, SEALED POWER, RIK, NPR…are available for immediate delivery from our warehouse. Supplying piston rings for products of the biggest local automotive companies such as IRAN KHODRO (IKCO) (PEUGEOT, SAMAND, etc.), SAIPA (Kia Pride, Rio, etc.) forms a segment of our business.

DONYAYE-RING also offers piston rings and seal rings for custom applications based on samples and drawings. We offer a variety of materials and coatings for rings ranging in diameter from 10mm to 500mm, in a wide variety of profiles and joint types.

DONYAYE-RING also is engaged in offering pistons and pins. The aim of our piston department is to supply pistons that are not regular in the Iran market.

DONYAYE-RING is committed to a process of continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We are all about placing the customer’s needs and expectations first, long-term partnership with piston ring leaders, continuous investment in new piston rings and investment in the development of our people.